The School Entrance

One thing that I find is a constant reminder of ‘status’ within education is a school entrance. While independent schools often invest in the visual appearance of the entrance, struggling schools in urban and regional areas often don’t have the finances to spare on these non-essentials.

I do agree that the value of an education is the knowledge students take away, rather than the aesthetics of the place. However, I think it is important for students to enter their school and feel proud of the environment and history of the place.

While I know this isn’t a problem that exists at every school, there are many there a bit of work could go a long way to improving the school-pride both students and teachers have.

There are two key elements to the school entrance. One is the external entrance at the school gates and where people drive past the school, this is the first symbol of what the school is like.

One of my favourite examples of how a school can do this well is

Building a modest but aesthetically pleasing entrance to a school with the school logo and motto would make for a great community project to give back to the local primary or high school. It’s amazing what a few bricks and some plants can do!

This could be a great project for your P&C to engage a local Lions or Rotary Club. Schools can often fundraise with engraved bricks, as you can see here with Signature-Engraving.

A significant school year for example a 50th anniversary could be a timely occasion to get old students to buy a brick with their name and the year they graduated. These bricks could be used to build the entrance way or another structure within the school.

I would also love to see some of the ‘home renovation’ shows pick a school to work their magic on too.


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